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Why do numbers 1\2\3\4\5\6 show up on the screen when I press J\K\L\U\I\O key on my keyboard?
Download the pair program from, then repair the connection.

The device is not working?

1. Make sure the device is turned on.
2. Make sure the receiver is plugged into the PC's USB port.
3. The PC can not recognize the receiver, please re-plug the receiver.
4. Check if the battery is installed correctly.
5. Low battery, please change the battery.
6. Move other working wireless devices away from the receiver and device.
7. Please keep away from walls or big objects, because this may reduce the range.
8. If the problem has not been solved, download the pair program from, then repair the connection.

When I plug in the receiver, it shows "?????????????" in the Device Manager, not the correct description of "INDENA 2.4G Wireless Device"

Download the pair program from, then repair the connection.

Do I need to install the driver when I use the multimedia keys on the keyboard?

Only Word and Excel multimedia keys need driver support, other keys can be used without a driver installed.

Can I use the wireless keyboard under Linux or Mac iOS?

The keyboard works well with Windows computers, but some multimedia keys may not work with Linux or Mac iOS systems.

Do I have to unplug the receiver and turn off the device when I am not using it.

The device has a power saving function to maximise battery life. So you do not have to turn it off.

How to repair the wireless connection?

After the receiver is replugged, within 30 seconds, turn off and then turn on the touchpad, then press Num Lock and Backspace at the same time.

The device shows intermittent failures during usage?

1.Move other active wireless devices away from the device and receiver.
2.The PC can not respond immediately because of the CPU is under full load.
3.Change battery if the low battery indicator is blinking.
Is there a Capslock or Numlock LED on the keyboard?
For the power saving design, there is no Capslock or Numlock LED on the wireless keyboard.
But you can download a driver from
After you have installed the driver, you can check the Capslock and Numlock statusin the right corner of the PC screen.

How to pair to the bluetooth keyboard?

1. Turn on the keyboard, the red LED will go on for 3 seconds then off.;
2. Press the connect button, the red LED begins to blink waiting for the connection.
3. Follow the steps on your iPad or other device to complete the connection.


1. The keyboard will connect to your iPad or other device automatically after the successful first connection.
2. If there is no connection to the keyboard in 2 minutes, it will stop the pairing process automatically.

Unsuccessful connection to the bluetooth device?

1. Make sure the device is on.;
2. Please press the connect button when making the connection.
3. Replace the battery.
4. Make sure the bluetooth driver is installed.
5. Update the bluetooth driver version.
6. Compatible issue with the PC system.

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